Galmatic was the brainchild of Eleni Mitakos, who saw a gap in the market for young teenagers and parents to be better equipped and educated when it comes to not only vehicle and safety maintenance, but in taking charge of their own safety.

Not feeling intimated when you take your car to the garage shop, and feeling confident to change your tyre when it’s needed, is at the forefront of why we do what we do.

Everyone needs to know these skills and sometimes we don’t have people around to show us how!
For Galmatic we are dedicated to making an entertaining and encapsulating performance, through practical learning and getting in there, and getting the job done!

This makes the learning experience fun and engaging.

We want EVERYONE to take charge of their own safety and learn skills that not only could save them but encourage further development.

Let’s create a world where women and students have agency and authority to feel like if a need arises for vehicle maintenance they can confidently take care of business!