Top Ten Tips for Filling Up at the Service Station

By April 24, 2019 Learning To Drive

Top Ten Tips for Filling Up at the Service Station

Whether your on your P’s and it’s your first trip to the Servo or you have been filling up the car for years, here are our Top Ten Tips for a stress free trip to the Service Station.

Tip One – Know which side the petrol cap is on

Do this at home with a quick walk-around the car or if you are already at the servo check the dash. The arrow, or picture of the petrol bowser will show you which side the cap is on, in an older car the actual fuel gauge will be on the side of the petrol cap, or even at the back of the car, above the license plate.

Tip Two – Check the price of fuel

The $ sign is the amount you will pay, the other digits are the number of litres you have put in the car.

Tip Three – Use the correct fuel

Double check you have grabbed the pump nozzle that is connected to the fuel you want to use.

Tip Four – Put the nozzle back correctly

Listen for the click or you won’t close the order and be able to pay at the counter.

Tip Five – Remember to pay

It’s easy to forget and just drive off.

Tip Six – Petrol Cap

Remember to put the petrol cap back on and close the lid.

Tip Seven – Don’t leave kids or animals in the car

Take them with you. Cars get hot and you could be in the servo for a while.

Tip Eight – Watch out

Watch out for pedestrians and other vehicles. Drivers are often in a hurry, so take the time to look before you drive.

Tip Nine – Your Galmatic 10 Minute Servo Check

Do your Galmatic 10 Min Servo check at the air and water station, not at the petrol bowser, that way you can take your time and don’t hold up other drivers from filling up their cars.

Tip ten – Quick Clean

Give your car a quick clean and get rid of any wrappers or junk.


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