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Teenage Toolbox

Hey, thanks for cruising over to our website. We have collated a few tools to pop into your toolbox.

Driving related things, fifties/ retro rockabilly things and stuff we thought you would like. So grab an oil rag and let us roll up the garage door!

Glovebox Guide

Download the ‘Galmatic Glovebox Guide’ and save it to your phone. It’s the perfect recap for when you are at the service station filling up with fuel. It’s the mini ‘go-to for the how-to’ do a quick car maintenance check.



• The 10 Minute Servo Check

• How to Change a Tyre – link to video

• What to do in an emergency

• Accident Recording

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Our Intern Program

I love mentoring and helping young women to achieve their goals.

Meet Zoe who has been an intern with us here at Galmatic helping us with our social media. She has started her own stationery business designing planners and selling exquisite stationery packs.

Check her out here: Zoe Eve T

Zoe Eve T

If you are interested in our intern program or completing work experience with our crew, please email Eleni at

Driving Resources

Free Driving Lesson

A great free resource is the government initiative ‘Keys 2 Drive’ which is a revolutionary approach to learning road safety. It provides learner drivers with a free driving lesson where the learner driver, parent/supervisor and driving instructor learn together!

Find out more at the website ‘Keys2Drive’.

Galmatic Car Ruby Eve

Driver Fatigue Test

Test Your Tired Self is a NSW Government site that has a quick test to use before you get behind the wheel to see how tired you actually are.

You can do the test here: Test Your Tired Self

Feel confident behind the Wheel

Galmatic Online Program

Grab an oil rag in one hand, and your phone in the other and and have at your fingertips everything you need to get to know your car. Get comfortable popping the bonnet and having a poke around. Learn how to change a tyre and how to stay safe at night.

Check out our cool online course here: Know Your Car

Retro things we Love

When not in our overalls we love popping on a frock from our favourite Vintage inspired brand Retrospec’d. Australian made and owned and the delicious way to look spectacular! Check them out here: Retrospec’d

Every retro look needs a splash of red lipstick and we love Besame lipsticks for that authentic vintage feel! You will have seen their shades on the Netflix series ‘Hollywood’. Check out there beautiful makeup here:

Gal Car Badge

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