Discover enhanced automotive empowerment at our advanced car maintenance workshop, committed to equipping women and teenagers with vital automotive skills.

car maintenance for women and Teens

The Galmatic Services

Explore our car maintenance for women course, designed to empower you with essential skills. Take control of your car care with Galmatic's car maintenance training.

Empowerment On the Go:

The Galmatic Online Mechanic Course

The Galmatic Online Course

for WomEn

Tired of feeling anxious every time you visit the mechanic?

Say goodbye to those worries with The Galmatic Car Maintenance for Women Online Course. In just an hour, you’ll master all the essential car basics you need, empowering you for every road ahead. 

The best part? Learn whenever and wherever you want, right from your phone!

Bringing our workshop to

your high school

Prepare for a seamless, engaging, and empowering experience, offering students hands-on activities that solidify their understanding of car basics.

We immerse students in an intensive, interactive workshop where they dive under the bonnet to inspect oil, coolant, fluids, and the battery. Then, master the art of changing a tyre on the ground, all within a guided and supportive environment.

Our central focus is on cultivating students’ comfort with exploration and encouraging a proactive approach to questioning.

Road Kit

for teenagers

The must-have Road Ready Kit for every teenager learning to drive! Online Course + $25 Fuel Voucher + 12 piece First Aid Kit!

Empower yourself

with essential knowledge to keep your vehicle running smoothly and save money on costly repairs. 

Our free workshops, open to the public, cover key areas of car care, such as:

Checking fluids

Understanding warning lights,

Changing tyres


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