Galmatic - High School Car Maintenance Incursions

High School Car Maintenance Incursions

Picture your senior students jumping into the driver’s seat, keys in hand, P plates on and the open road ahead.

It’s both exciting and liberating for them, but do our young Australians know anything about how their cars work?

Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions

Galmatic has 13 years experience in teaching car maintenance school incursions to over 100,000 teenagers and we have identified that most teenagers have not been shown basic car know-how by their parents or driving instructors.

“No-one in the class was standing in the back of the workshop bored. Eleni involved everyone in the workshop! She used humour and stories to make the class fun and the hands-on element was the best!”

Amelia, Student

Armed with some easy and basic Life Skills, we help them on their journey to become safer drivers, informed and empowered road users and help in striving towards the nation’s goal of a zero-road toll.

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“We had the Galmatic Car Maintenance workshop at our school during the final week of term 3. All year 11 students participated in the workshop. The workshop was interesting and interactive and gave the girls a really thorough insight into car maintenance and changing of a tyre. The workshop was really beneficial for our students as the instructors were engaging and being female they were really able to connect with the students and show that girls can maintain and care for their own cars! I could not recommend this workshop enough!”

Kathryn Beaumont , Bethlehem College

Hands-on Interactive Workshops

Students are immersed in practical skills from the get-go.

We dive in and get them under the bonnet checking the oil, coolant, fluids and battery and then on the ground changing a tyre in an intensive, interactive hands-on workshop.

We focus on teaching students to be comfortable with exploring and questioning.

We remove the fear of “Can I touch that?” and create a safe and fun environment where no question is too silly to ask.

“This was the first time that we had booked Galmatic workshops for our Year 10 students – and the girls loved it!! It was such a valuable experience and the girls were so enthusiastic and engaged to learn how to change a tyre, check under the bonnet etc. Eleni was fantastic and engaged with the girls to encourage and empower them to have the skills to get themselves out of trouble when driving. Highly recommend it!!”

Leanne Palmer , St Scholastica's College
Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions

Skills Covered

The workshop is designed around what we call the ’10-minute servo check’, which is a monthly car check to ensure their car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps them driving safely.

Under the Bonnet

• What, when and how to check the engine to keep it running smoothly and safely

• What they can and can’t touch in the engine bay

• Students check the oil and coolant, fluids, battery and hoses

Tyre Care

• How to care for tyres & check the pressure

• Hands-on experience changing a tyre

Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions

“The girls who attended the course today with Mel, really enjoyed it. She was great! She provided exactly the sort of information they needed to look after their cars without it being overwhelming”

Laura Turner , Mt Maria College Petrie

Post Workshop Reference Guide

Workshop Recap Phone Download

Every student receives the Galmatic Glovebox Guide Playbook.

The playbook is a recap of the workshop and includes a step by step video tutorial on how to change a tyre and the ‘The 10-minute Servo Check’ how-to checklist.

The playbook is designed to download straight onto their phones for easy reference.

We also include an information and reference web page for parents (many of which don’t know how to change a tyre)! It gives parents tips on how to keep their teenagers engaged with their driving and help create confident drivers behind the wheel.

Galmatic Glovebox Guide

“Galmatic was an extremely relevant workshop it gave students relevance and builds on confidence in an area that they would normally not know anything. Great role models.”

Joel Jasmin, Holroyd High

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Together we choose the perfect workshop session format, to suit your:

• Preferred day and date

• School location

• Number of students and number of periods available

And we take care of the rest! We can’t wait to teach your students and see the smiles on their faces!

Our Hands-On Workshops in an Online Format

For schools outside our teaching area we have everything you love about our hands on workshop in an online program.

Program format:

• 100 % online

• 4 Bite sized Video Tutorials

• 4 part Workbook Download

• Quick reference guide for their phone

• Easy school link and password sign in

This step by step virtual training is designed to arm teenagers with the same easy and basic car skills they learn in our Life Skills incursion program and can be enjoyed by students as a stand alone course or as a complimentary unit to our hands-on workshops.

Galmatic High school Car Incursions

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful workshops that your company provided yesterday.

Karina was delightful and enthusiastic. She was punctual, prepared and knowledgeable. “

L. Harris, Springwood High

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Galmatic High School Incursions

Have more questions? Request an information pack.

You can contact us via:


Or via the inquiry form below.

Together we choose the perfect workshop session format, to suit your:

• Preferred day and date

• School location

• Number of students and number of periods available

And we take care of the rest! We can’t wait to teach your students and see the smiles on their faces!

Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions
“We have been using Galmatic for several years now to empower our girls to feel confident in looking after their cars, in particularly changing a tyre. Eleni and Chantla’s enthusiasm is catchy and they are very engaging in teaching these important life skills.”

Kath Crawford, TARA

Meet our Trainers

Galmatic Crew

(L to R). Program Coordinator and Trainer Chantal. Founder and Trainer, Eleni, Trainers, Marissa and Leanne.

We are an all gal team of four full time trainers and 4 other fabulous gals that help us out on big projects and busy times. We also have some fantastic male trainers that teach for us too!

With decades of experience in teaching and working in the entertainment industry, we use our unique style to keep students engaged and entertained.

We have experience working with small groups and large scale workshops and love what we do.

We enjoy coming back to the same school year after year (we feel like family) and we look forward to becoming part of your school family too.

Eleni, Chantal, Marissa and Leanne.

Our most common FAQ’s

Q: Do you only teach single sex classes?

A: We teach single sex and co-ed classes. We are happy to divide students into mixed or single sexed groups depending on your preference.

Q: What area do you need to teach the workshop?

A: We need a flat area to park the vehicle/s, with enough space for students to be able to look around – usually the staff car park or designated parking area is great.

Q: Do we need to provide anything for the workshop?

A: Other than the designated parking area, you don’t need any other materials. We bring the car/s, oil, coolant and rags.

Q: Do you need much set up/pack up time before and after the workshop? 

A: Not at all. We drive in, park and can be set up in a number of minutes.

Q: We have large forms of 300+ students. Can you still accommodate our school?

A: Yes. There are a number of different formats that we can run our workshops. We can have several trainers running simultaneous and consecutive workshops. We will work with you to put together a program to suit your timetable and number of students.

Q: We only have a handful of students, is that too small?

A: We teach at many schools with small classes. We do these with one car and one trainer and the students really love the extra attention and time with the trainer.

Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions
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