Road Ready Kits for Teenagers

The Galmatic Road Ready Kit provides parents with the ultimate peace of mind that their teenager will be safe when driving alone.

The kit includes a fun online program that will teach them how to maintain their car & how to change a tyre, a first aid kit & emergency $25 fuel voucher.

A compact glovebox kit that is the one-stop resource for teenage drivers. 



The Road Ready Kit Includes

The kit includes:

Car Maintenance Online Program for Teens

$25 Shell Fuel Voucher


12 item Emergency Kit

It is the must have for every teen driving on their own!

BUY the kit- JUST $99

We have taught 100,000 teenagers a year since 2007

“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance among other things. It’s quite a lost skill.”

Tracey Spicer, AM

The Online Program

The Online Program included contains:

• 4 video tutorials

• A comprehensive Workbook designed with checklists to complement the video tutorials and personalise the program to your car make and model.

Welcome Module

Meet your instructor Eleni, who founded Galmatic in 2007.

Eleni will introduce you to the Galmatic ‘10 Minute Servo Check, which is a monthly car check to ensure your car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps you driving safely.


Module One – Back to Basics

Grab your oil rag as we dive in and get you under the bonnet checking the oil, coolant, fluids and battery.

Coupled with your Glovebox Guide you will get to know your car and have the monthly 10 Minute Servo Check down pat in no time!

Module Two – Tyre Care

No boring jargon, it’s hands on. This section will show you how to check your tyre pressure, tyre tread and how to change a tyre!

Everything you need to get you back on the road if you get a flat a tyre (and how to prevent getting one)!

module 3

Module Three – Staying Safe and getting Cruise Ready

This video will show you the two essential kits you need to keep in your car to be cruise ready.

We share essential tips to help avoid car jacking and staying safe at night.

BUY the kit- JUST $99

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Inside the Glovebox Kit

The First Aid Kit contains 12 items and includes the must have things for easy car checks from the online course and first aid emergencies.

– First Aid bag

– First Aider’s Choice Thermal Rescue Blanket

– 10 pack of plasters (Nexcare brand)

– 50ml Dettol hand sanitiser

– 6 First Aider’s Choice alcohol wipes

– 12 safety pins

– Black ‘telephone cord’ hair tie (perfect for hair or when you need to tie something together)

– A6 size pocket notebook and pen

– $25 Shell Fuel Voucher

– Tyre Gauge

– Galmatic Red Bandana

– Car Maintenance Online program!

BUY the kit- JUST $99

“Wow, these Galmatic Girls are amazing. Love what they do and what they provide to young girls”

Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion

About Galmatic

Galmatic was founded by 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist Eleni Mitakos. After years of teaching and owning vintage cars, Eleni created Galmatic because she saw the need to provide women and young drivers with essential skills, to maintain their cars and make going to the mechanic less confusing and intimidating.

Since 2007 we have taught over 100,000 teenagers a year how to feel more confident behind the wheel. As parents to teens we know that learning to drive is both exciting and liberating for them. The freedom of grabbing the keys and going for a drive is a major milestone.

However unlike when they took their first steps walking, we will not be there holding their hands when they are driving on their own. Countless nights of staying awake until you hear the car in the driveway lie ahead!

At Galmatic we hope to help you alleviate a few of those fears by teaching teenagers how to care for their car and learn some basic car maintenance skills.

At least we can help you with one less worry – they won’t be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and no idea what to do!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the journey.


The kit includes:

Car Maintenance Online Program for Teens

$25 Shell Fuel Voucher


12 item Emergency Kit

It is the must have for every teen driving on their own!

BUY the kit- JUST $99