Galmatic Road Ready Kits

Road Ready Kits for Teenage Girls

Galmatic’s Essential Glovebox and Road Ready Kits are for girls learning to drive and buying their first car. They fit snugly into her glovebox, ready for action for those last minute emergencies.

The Essential Glovebox Kit is compact and contains 22 items so she is never left anxious or embarrassed. 

The Road Ready Kit is the ultimate kit packed with all the essentials plus an emergency fuel voucher and our online program that teaches car maintenance basics and how to change a tyre!


The Essential
Glovebox Kit


The Galmatic Road Ready Kit


The Essential Glovebox Kit

The Essential Glovebox Kit is our every day kit, pop it into the glovebox and you are prepared for life’s little emergencies.

A fun durable bag packed with a girls must haves!

~ We curated the bag after speaking to tens of thousands of young female drivers that we have taught over the past 13 years – all the little things to take them from classes, work, studies and parties. It’s their ultimate car glovebox wish list! ~

The Glovebox Kit includes:
– ‘All the Stuff I Need’ durable zipper bag in light grey (with a cute pink bow)
– Beauty Essential full size Cleansing Wipes (25 wipes)
– Rexona ladies deodorant (50ml)
– U by Kotex black panty liners (10 liners and yes they are black!)
– 2 black emery boards (use as a nail file or any snags)
– 2 Elastoplast plasters
– Black ‘telephone cord’ hair tie (perfect for hair or when you need to tie something together)
– A6 size pocket notebook and pen
– Pink doughnut car freshener
– Mini packet of Jols Fruit Pastilles (perfect for carsick passengers or fresh breath)!
Galmatic Glovebox Kit

“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance among other things. It’s quite a lost skill.”

Tracey Spicer, AM

The Galmatic Road Ready Kit

The Road Ready Kit provides parents with the ultimate peace of mind. Reassurance that she wont be anxious or distracted behind the wheel.

The kit includes:

Galmatic “Know Your Car” Online Car Maintenance Program for Teens

(4 videos, interactive workbook and phone download)


$25 Shell Fuel Voucher


22 Piece Essential Glovebox Kit (featured above)

It is the must have for every girl driving on her own!


The Online Program included contains:

• 4 videos covering all the basics you need to be ready to drive on your own and give you an understanding of how to maintain your vehicle.

• A comprehensive Workbook designed with checklists to complement the video tutorials and personalise the program to your car make and model. Easy to fill out and pop into the glovebox, with extra information and tips – it’s the essential Car Handbook for Teens!


“Wow, these Galmatic Girls are amazing. Love what they do and what they provide to young girls”

Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion

About Galmatic

Galmatic was founded by 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist Eleni Mitakos. After years of teaching and owning vintage cars, Eleni created Galmatic because she saw the need to provide women and young drivers with essential skills, to maintain their cars and make going to the mechanic less confusing and intimidating.

Since 2007 we have taught over 100,000 teenagers how to feel more confident behind the wheel. As parents to teens we know that learning to drive is both exciting and liberating for them. The freedom of grabbing the keys and going for a drive is a major milestone.

However unlike when they took their first steps walking, we will not be there holding their hands when they are driving on their own. Countless nights of staying awake until you hear the car in the driveway lie ahead!

At Galmatic we hope to help you alleviate a few of those fears by teaching teenagers how to care for their car and learn some basic car maintenance skills.

At least we can help you with one less worry – they won’t be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre and no idea what to do!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the journey.


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