Know Your Car Online Program


Welcome to your ‘Know Your Car’ Online Program.

Step 1 

Download and print the worksheet and follow along with the Video Tutorials. Download the Glovebox Guide and save it to your phone.

Step 2

Watch the video for each module.

Each video also has a playbook. Download, print and complete the info sections about your car (when you get one). Pop it into the glovebox!

The ‘Glovebox Guide’ is a download for your phone. Save it there for quick reference!

If you feel stuck or have any questions please feel free to email us and one of our trainers will be happy to help!

or send a message on Instagram or Messenger @galmatic. Enjoy!

Start Here…

Terms And Conditions

Download and print the course workbook.

Download the Glovebox Guide and save it to your phone – it’s a quick recap of the course and includes a link to the ‘How to change a Tyre’ video.

Watch the Videos

Intro Video

Welcome ! This video will introduce you to the course and what is involved. There are bite sized video’s to watch with a corresponding workbooks.

Module One – Back to Basics

Grab your oil rag as we dive in and get you under the bonnet checking the oil, coolant, fluids and battery.

Coupled with your Glovebox Guide you will get to know your car and have the monthly 10 Minute Servo Check down pat in no time!

Module Two – Tyre Care

No boring jargon, it’s hands on.

This section will show you how to check your tyre pressure, tyre tread and how to change a tyre!

Everything you need to get you back on the road if you get a flat a tyre (and how to prevent getting one)!

Module Three – Staying Safe and Cruise Ready

This module is about car park safety. Your workbook contains bonus information on what to do in an accident.

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