Road Ready Kit for Teenagers


The Galmatic Road Ready Kit provides parents with the ultimate peace of mind that their teenager will be safe when driving alone.

The Kit is for teenagers learning to drive and buying their first car. It fits snugly into their glovebox, ready for action for car checks and those last minute emergencies.

The kit includes:
Galmatic “Know Your Car” Online Car Maintenance Program for Teens
(4 videos, interactive workbook and phone download)
$25 Shell Fuel Voucher
12 item Essential Glovebox kit
Tyre Gauge & Oil rag

It is the “must have” for every teenager driving on their own!


The Online Program included contains:

• 4 videos covering all the basics you need to be ready to drive on your own and give you an understanding of how to maintain your vehicle.

• A comprehensive Workbook designed with checklists to complement the video tutorials and personalise the program to your car make and model.

Easy to fill out and pop into the glovebox, with extra information and tips – it’s the essential Car Handbook for Teens!

The Glovebox Kit included contains:
– First Aid Bag
– $25 Shell fuel voucher (for emergencies)
– Tyre Gauge
– Galmatic Bandana Oil rag
– First Aider’s Choice Thermal Rescue Blanket
– 10 pack of plasters (Nexcare brand)
– 50ml Dettol Sanitiser
– Black ‘telephone cord’ hair tie (perfect for hair or when you need to tie something together)
– 6 First Aider’s Choice alcohol wipes
– A6 size notebook and pen


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