Car know-how eBooks

for Women

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  • Under the Bonnet


    Are you tired of not knowing what to do when it comes to your car?

    Short on time, but determined to not get ripped off by a mechanic again?

    Learn how in just 10 minutes once a month, you can keep your car running like a dream!

    Learn how to:

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  • High Heels or Sneakers


    Your tyres are what keep you and your car connected to the road – but unfortunately often the last thing that you think about when it comes to maintaining your car.

    So to make tyre care a little more fun, lets go shoe shopping for your car.

    With just a little bit of knowledge and attention, you can ensure your car will be cruising in style; much like wearing the right shoes to the ball.

    And yes you need to know how to change a tyre!

    In this playbook you will learn all about:

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  • How To Care for your Older Car


    The perfect glove box essential for every gal that owns a vintage or old school car.

    Learn how to keep an older car looking her best, running like a dream and saving you $ at the mechanic!
    The playbook covers

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  • What To Do In An Accident


    Being involved in a car accident can be scary, overwhelming and very costly.

    Make sure you know exactly what to do, to minimise your chances of being involved in an accident.

    And in the event that you are in one, this playbook will guarantee you have all the info you need to reduce the stress and anxiety.

    This glove box essential contains 2 sections:

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  • Day Spa for your car


    Just like you, your car deserves a regular trip to the day spa and as every girl knows, those extra touches can make the world of difference. Give your car a regular pamper session and you will reap the rewards.

    The perfect maintenance guide for keeping your car looking her best!

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  • Buying and Selling A Car


    Tips on what to look for, what questions to ask, how to organise finance, private sales and going to a dealership.

    Checklists and tips including..

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  • Playbook Bundle


    Everything you need to keep your car looking and running her best.

    Grab all 5 playbooks in 1 download.

    • Under the bonnet
    • High Heels or Sneakers – how to change a tyre
    • Buying & Selling a Car
    • What to do in an Accident
    • Day Spa for your Car

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