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As a parent you know that learning to drive is both exciting and liberating for your teenager. The freedom of grabbing the keys and going for a drive is a major milestone.

However, unlike when they took their first steps walking, you WILL NOT be there holding their hand when they are driving on their own. Countless nights of staying awake until you hear the car in the driveway lie ahead!

At Galmatic we hope to help you alleviate a few of those fears.

Having taught over 100,000 teenagers a year how to change a tyre and what to do in an accident, has helped us to design the perfect course to keep your teen safe on the road!

“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance amongst other things. It’s quite a lost skill.”

Tracey Spicer, AM

Online Program for Teenagers

Does your teenager know how to change a tyre? Would they know what to do if the car broke down? We created the ‘Know Your Car’ online course to help teenagers take their learning a little further. This fun online course has helped thousands of Australian teenagers to gain essential life skills.

Basic car maintenance packaged especially for teens.


The Course covers all the basics they need to be ready to drive on their own, along with an understanding of how to maintain their vehicle. It’s a fun, easy and interactive way to help get young drivers safe behind the wheel!

4 Video Tutorials


Interactive Workbook


Recap download for their phone


Loved it. Clear, concise and very easy to understand!

Nikki-Rose Lewis, Student

Grab them a Road Ready Kit

Galmatic Road Ready Kits

Upgrade the Online program to The Galmatic ‘Road Ready Kit’.

Designed to provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind. From 14 years of surveys and feedback of hundreds of thousands of teen girls we have collated the essential glovebox kit.

It’s the must have kit for all girls driving on their own.

The Kit Includes:

The ‘Know Your Car’ online program for teenagers


$25 Shell fuel voucher


over 20 must have items for that last minute emergency


“Wow, these Galmatic Girls are amazing. Love what they do and what they provide to young girls.”

Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion

Hands-on Workshops

Workshops Galmatic

Live in Sydney? Come along with your teenager to one of our Hands-on Car Maintenance Workshops.

They are designed for women, parents and teenagers and run in a fun, friendly and non-threatening environment.

Our 2 hour workshops are not about fixing your car or being a mechanic, rather they are all about getting to know your car, how to make sure it is working at its best, and going through the basics of car knowledge to leave you feeling confident and road ready.

see locations

“Fantastic workshops. Our 18 yr. old son and 20 yr. old daughter participated in a workshop late last year. Well, they were driving home from a music festival in torrential rain recently and heard a loud bang from the car, luckily they were able to pull into a bus bay on Roseville Bridge and change their blown tyre without any fuss and continue home safely”

Noeleen Ellevsen, Parent

Join Us

Join our online garage and become a passenger!

You will receive our ‘Glovebox Guide’ download, a 20% discount code for our online course and a free workshop voucher for a friend!


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Free Resources

Galmatic Hands-On Basic Car Maintenance Workshops

Free Driving Lesson

A great free resource is the government initiative ‘Keys 2 Drive’ which is a revolutionary approach to learning road safety. It provides learner drivers with a free driving lesson where the learner driver, parent/supervisor and driving instructor learn together!

Find out more at the website ‘Keys2Drive’.

Driver Fatigue Test

Test Your Tired Self is a NSW Government site that has a quick test to use before you get behind the wheel to see how tired you actually are.

You can do the test here: Test Your Tired Self

Galmatic Glovebox Guide

In all our workshops and programs, students are provided with a workshop recap for their phones. We call this recap the ‘Galmatic Glovebox Guide’. Download it here for free and save it to your phone. It covers what to check once a month at the service station when you are filling up with fuel.


FREE instant download for your phone.

• The 10 Minute Servo Check

• How to Change a Tyre – link to the video!

• What to do in an emergency

• Accident Recording

Click to download

Empower your Teenager

Online Program


Road Ready Kit


About Us

Galmatic Crew


We are an all gal team of four full time trainers and 4 more fabulous gals that help us out on big projects and busy times. We also have some fantastic male trainers that teach for us too!

With decades of experience in teaching and working in the entertainment industry, we use our unique style to keep students engaged and entertained.


Congratulations to our founder Eleni for her selection as a Finalist in the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards.


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