Parents Guide for Teaching Your Teenager To Drive

The Road Ready Guide for Parents

  • Step One: Watch the Video

  • Step Two: Read the Bonus Tips

  • Step Three: Download the ‘Road Ready Guide’ to your phone

1. Watch The Video

2. Bonus Tips

Galmatic Road Ready Kits Car Maintenance Teenagers

Take the Perfect Photo

Documenting the exciting milestone of obtaining their L and P driving licences and sharing the moment with family and friends is exciting!
However many of the photos parents share on social media contain too much information.
Here are our top 4 tips for sharing the perfect photo:
  • Focus on the L/P plate and their smile and make it a close up. Document the feeling, rather than the car/surrounding
  • Keep the car number plate out of the photo. Don’t have their drivers licence in the image either
  • Take the photo somewhere general. Do not show your home or street address
  • Make sure any key you include in the photo isn’t the key to the car they are driving
Road Ready Guide

Logbook or App?

Recording the hours of driver training can be done either with the free paper logbook or via an app on the learner’s phone.
Once you choose you can only submit one or the other, not a combination of the two. The paper logbook and apps cover and record the 20 learning goals.
There are 3 Apps that are accepted and can be downloaded onto both Apple iOS and Android.
These apps are:
Licence Ready Learner Log Book
L2P Learner Log Book App
Roundtrip Learner Log Book App

3. Download the Road Ready Guide

Download the Road Ready Guide onto your Phone by clicking the button Below:


Road Ready Kit - Car Maintenance Teenagers

The Galmatic ‘Road Ready Program’.

Designed to provide parents with the ultimate peace of mind and empower teenagers to take control of their safety behind the wheel.
It’s the perfect extension of what they have covered in their school workshop.
The Program Includes:
Car Maintenance online program for teenagers
$25 Shell fuel voucher
Glovebox size First Aid
Galmatic Bandana and Tyre Gauge