Car Maintenance course For Women

Learn The Essential Car Maintenance Skills

Nervous EVERY time you go to the mechanic?

Fear no more!

In an hour you’ll learn all the car basics you need. Learn on the go, on your phone through Galmatic's automotive online course!

Unlock basic car maintenance skills in just an hour with our car maintenance course for women. Gain essential skills quickly and confidently through Galmatic's automotive online course for Australian's.

Feel Empowered

Since 2007 we have taught over 1 million Australian women and teenagers easy car know-how. With some basic car maintenance skills you too will feel confident and road ready.

Don’t be fearful any longer. Join us today!

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3 Fun and easy

What you need to know, without the boring jargon!

3 Gorgeous Digital Playbooks

Download, print, fill and pop it into your glovebox – Easy!

Your Pocket

Save it to your phone for quick car fixes at your fingertips!


Module One

Under the Bonnet

Grab your oil rag as we dive in and get you under the bonnet to learn what we call the 10 Minute Servo Check!

What to do once a month at the service station to keep your car running it’s best!

BONUS SECTION: How to Choose the right Mechanic! 

Module Two

The perfect Heels for Your Car!

Just like the perfect shoe will make or break your outfit, tyres are the essential car must have.

In this module we cover:

BONUS SECTION: Your Road Safety Plan.

This is the section we hope you never need but is crucial if you need it!

Module Three

Extra tips to get you road ready!

Gear up with additional knowledge to keep you safe and prepared on the road.

This module includes:

BONUS SECTION: Two must have digital Playbooks:

  • What to look for when buying a car
  • Money matters
  • New or preloved?
  • Your buying checklist!

⦁ Interior and Exterior Care
⦁ How to polish and wax your car and why
⦁ Tyre care – get that perfect shine
⦁ Are automatic car washes ok?

Trade being stuck with a flat tyre

for empowered car knowhow

Ditch the roadside blues and transform into a rain-ready car care expert.

Say “so long” to waiting for a man’s help and become your own Rosie the Riveter

Digital Playbook

The course workbook is designed with checklists to personalise the program to your car make and model.

Download, print, fill and pop it into your Glovebox!

Your mini phone recap is the ultimate lifesaver. Download it to your phone and away you go!

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Discover enhanced automotive empowerment at our advanced car maintenance workshop, committed to equipping women and teenagers with vital automotive skills.


Our team of educators brings a fresh perspective to learning. Sporting a distinctive Retro ‘Rosie the Riveter’ style, we’re not afraid to stand out.

This style embodies our philosophy of engaging students with relatable examples and immersive hands-on experiences, creating a learning environment that goes beyond the traditional.