Learning to Ride – Tips for the beginner rider


Working with Harley-Davidson Australia as their Harley-Davidson University Training Manager for four years has helped me gather some great learning to ride tips for the beginner rider and introduce them to the freedom of riding.

It may feel like an overwhelming experience walking into a motorcycle dealership, so we hope this guide and accompanying video series can help you get closer to the freedom of being on two wheels.

Download the guide here: Ready For The Ride

Video One – Learning to Ride

Our Top Three tips for getting your licence:

Tip 1 Jump online and do your research. Find as much as you can out about motorcycling. See the list on the resources page at the end of this guide for a great place to start in your state.

Tip 2 Have a go being a passenger on the back, known as riding pillion. This will allow you to experience the feeling of being on a motorcycle and gives you a taste of what to expect before you sign up for your Learner riders course.

Tip 3 Research appropriate riding gear. A helmet is mandatory in all states and territories, but we also recommend a riding jacket and gloves. We’ve provided you with a handy checklist at the end of this guide.

Video Two – How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

A fun part of learning to ride is shopping for your riding gear. See below for all the essential riding gear that you will need to help you stay protected.

Helmet Legally you’re required to wear a helmet in Australia and it’s one of the most important pieces of riding gear that you’re going to invest in. There are three main styles of helmets that are the most common: Open Face Full Face Modular

Full Face Helmet
Your face is fully enclosed, with a chin bar and visor that opens and closes to protect you from sun, wind, bugs and road dust.

Open Face Helmet
Your face is exposed without a visor* and there is no chin bar. (*visors be added separately on some helmets).

Modular Helmet
A hybrid between full face and open face helmet.

There are so many cool looking helmets, that it will be hard to choose just one! Here are our top 3 tips for choosing a helmet that is right for you.

Tip 1
Try on as many helmets as you can, as many different styles, types, fits, just to make sure you find the one that’s right for you.

Tip 2
Try on your helmet with glasses, whether they are prescription glasses or sunglasses. You want to make sure when you’re trying on an open face helmet, you have eye protection against wind and road dust.

Tip 3
Wear your helmet around the store, turning your head and looking around. You want to make sure that it is firm, touching the crown of your head and with no movement.

If you’re unsure whether the helmet you are trying fits you correctly, we recommend talking to a staff member in-store.

Video Three – How to Choose a Motorcycle

Choosing the right motorcycle is the most exciting and important aspect of riding.

Visiting a motorcycle dealership can be overwhelming, enjoy our video where we share our four tips to help you choose the right motorcycle for you.

Video Four – Washing your Motorcycle

Video Five – Packing for the Ride

Video Six – Riding Gear

Download the workbook here: Ready For The Ride