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Car Maintenance Online Course

The ‘Know Your Car’ online course is fun and will help you gain essential life skills.

Galmatic - Eleni Mitakos (Founder)

Are you nervous every time you go to the mechanic?

Have you ever looked under the bonnet of your car?
Do you know how to change a tyre?
How to check the oil or the coolant?
No? It’s OK, most women don’t!

” Wow is it really that simple? Thanks for the jargon-free, easy to work through e-course. And yes my car had hardly any oil or coolant before this course, but never again. I even showed my brother how to do it!

Maria, Red Balloon 5 Star Review
Greasy Hands

Feel Empowered

Since 2007 we have taught over 100,000 Australians a year how to feel more confident behind the wheel.

With some basic car maintenance skills you will feel confident and road ready.

Join us and take the driver’s seat when it comes to your safety!


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” Loved it! Clear, concise and very easy to understand. Thanks for creating this course”!
Nikki, Online Participant
Hands On Workshop

Fun and Easy

• 4 training video tutorials

•  Program recap phone download for easy reference

• A comprehensive Workbook designed with checklists to compliment the video tutorials

Basic car maintenance packaged in a relatable and engaging online course!

Let’s break down the training modules

4 bite-sized videos covering all the basics you need to be ready to get your hands greasy on your own, with an understanding of how to maintain your vehicle.
Online Program Cover

Welcome Module

Meet your instructor Eleni, who founded Galmatic in 2007.

Eleni will introduce you to the Galmatic ‘10 Minute Servo Check, which is a monthly car check to ensure your car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps you driving safely.


Module One – Back to Basics

Grab your oil rag as we dive in and get you under the bonnet checking the oil, coolant, fluids and battery.

Coupled with your Glovebox Guide you will get to know your car and have the monthly 10 Minute Servo Check down pat in no time!

Car Maintenance School Incursions

Module Two – Tyre Care

No boring jargon, it’s hands on. This section will show you how to check your tyre pressure, tyre tread and how to change a tyre!

Everything you need to get you back on the road if you get a flat a tyre (and how to prevent getting one)!

Module 3

Module Three – Staying Safe 

This video will show you the two essential kits you need to keep in your car to be cruise ready.

We share essential tips to help avoid carjacking and stay safe at night.

” This was amazing. I would highly recommend it and am now thinking of who I can gift it to!
Elle, Online Participant
Galmatic - Change a Tyre

Comprehensive Workbook

The course workbook is designed with checklists to complement the video tutorials and personalise the program to your car make and model.

Complete and pop it into your Glovebox!

Buy the Course only $67
Glove Box Guide

Phone Download

The Galmatic ‘Glovebox Guide’ program recap in the form of a phone download for easy reference. Includes:
  • The 10 Minute Servo Check
  • How to Change a Tyre – link to the video!
  • What to do in an emergency
  • Accident Recording
Galmatic Crew C

Meet our Educators

Our team consists of outstanding educators, each with decades of experience in teaching.
We keep students engaged while they learn invaluable skills through both our practical and online workshops by using real-world examples and hands-on experience.
Buy the Course only $67
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Join our online garage and become a passenger!

You will receive our ‘Glovebox Guide’ download, a 20% discount code for our online programs and hands-on workshops!

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