You know that you’re supposed to check your tyre pressure but do you put it off because you’re not quite sure how to do it?

My name is Eleni from Galmatic and it’s about to start raining. So I really want to make sure I’ve got the correct tyre pressure. I’ve put together a quick video for you today to learn how to check it quickly and fill it up at your local service station.

Check the Gauge at the Service Station

Firstly we’re going to make sure we’ve got the actual components we need for the pump. Check that the gauge is in working order (often at service stations they get run over often)! The gauge is going to connect to our tyre and this is actually going to tell us how much tyre pressure we have and how much more air we need to fill.

Find your Tyre Placard

Next we’re going to check our tyre, our tyre placard and read the sidewall of our tyre to see how much tyre pressure we need for our vehicle and the amount of load we’ve got and the type of tyres we’ve got and we’re going to set it.

The machine in the video is set at 32, depending on if we need more or less we press the plus and the minus to get the tyre pressure we want.

Once we plug the gauge in, it’s going to read what the tyre pressure is that our vehicle has and it’s going to fill it up to get it to the amount of tyre that we’ve asked the machine to give us.

To know what tyre pressure you need for your vehicle, you need to have a read of the tyre placard. Mine is on the inside of the driver’s door. Another common place is inside the glove box.

If I have a look at my tyre pressure, it tells me what I need for a normal load and also for a maximum load so locate your tyre placard and it’s an easy way to know how much tyre pressure you need in your car.

So we know how much tyre pressure we want to put into this tyre.

Fill your Tyre with Air

This part is really easy. So I’ve got the pump in one hand. I want to make sure that I take off the cap. Now today we’ve used our spare tyre because I’ve been changing tyres in workshops all day and I’ve left the spare tyre on as a good reminder so that I don’t forget to tell you when you’re checking your tyre pressure you want to shake obviously the four tyres that you’ve got, but occasionally you want to check the one in the boot.

If you do get a flat tyre and you need to change a tyre you want to make sure that one is not flat as well. So you always want to check tyre pressure on your spare tyre as well.

I grab the pump I click it on and what’s going to happen is the machine’s going to read how much tyre pressure it’s got. It’s going to put in the rest of the air. Listen out for the beep. That’s the beep that says I’m full. Press the clip that takes the pump gauge off and then I just put my cap back on and it’s that simple.

So I’m checking this one the other three and the spare one that you’ve got in the boot. It’s that simple!

Go and check your tyre pressure, at local petrol station, next time you are filling up with fuel.