The easy way to change a tyre!

Watch the above video for a step by step guide to changing a tyre.

Yes, it’s time to get your hands dirty! We hope you never actually need to change a tyre when out and about, but if you practise it now at least you will feel confident in the case of an emergency!

Always be careful and think of safety first. If you have a flat tyre somewhere isolated, on a very busy highway or in the dark, always ring for roadside assistance.

If you have no access to a phone, then make sure you take all precautions to prevent being hit by passing traffic as you change your flat tyre.

Be cautious of strangers offering to help.

Practice changing a tyre at home first so that you feel confident if and when you need to do it on the road.

Car Shoe Shine Kit

  1. Carjack – check that it is the right one for your car
  2. Spare tyre – make sure that you have a spare tyre before you remove the flat one
  3. Wheel brace – this is what you use to loosen and then tighten the nuts which keep the wheel attached to the car
  4. Cloth or wet hand wipes – to remove the grease from your hands


  • Always use the correct jack for your car
  • Never have the engine running when the jack is supporting the car
  • Never have any of your body under the car when it is on the jack
  • Never have any passengers in the car when the jack is supporting the car
  • Only jack the car when on a hard level flat road