Car Maintenance School Incursions

Empowering and Educating Australian Teenagers and Parents since 2007.

School Incursions for high school students

Road safety begins with education and training.

This engaging, interactive educational workshop creates a fun environment for students to thrive.

We bring the cars and everything else we need to run the workshop.

Bookings are now open for 2022!

“We have been using Galmatic for several years now to empower our girls to feel confident in looking after their cars, in particular, changing a tyre. Eleni and Chantal’s enthusiasm is very engaging.”

– Kath Crawford, TARA Anglican School for Girls

“The workshop was really beneficial for our students as the instructors were so engaging, and being female they were really able to connect with the students and show that girls can maintain and care for their own cars! I could not recommend this workshop enough!”

– Kathryn Beaumont, Bethlehem College

Weekend Workshops for women and girls

Our workshops are face-to-face small group classes.

You get to learn about your own car in this 2-hour fun and interactive workshop.

We remove the fear of ‘Can I touch that?” and create a safe and fun environment where no question is too silly.

“I left the workshop feeling more confident and with handy tips on how to not get ripped off  by the mechanic!”

– Rebecca, Liverpool Workshop

“Great experience. Knowledgeable and patient instructor. A fun girls day out!”

– Sabrina, Haberfield Workshop

“At the ripe old age of 45 I decided I was sick of not knowing anything about my car, something I rely on every day. Thank God I found Galmatic! I recommend it to anyone. Never feel powerless again!”

– Rebecca Huntley

“I had a fab time! I feel that it was definite value for money and more! I learnt so much more than I thought I would!”

– Wendi, Artarmon Workshop


“Thank you! Do I think this made me a better driver? Absolutely.”

– Zoe Foster Blake, Author & Founder, Go-To Skincare

The perfect gift for learner drivers
Is your teenager learning to drive?

Then you need this Parents Resource Guide!

This bite sized and easy to complete resource guide will help you feel prepared to get your teenager road-ready and learning to drive. Just $9.90!

Road safety begins with education and training.

layne-beachley testimonial

“WOW, these Galmatic Girls are amazing. Love what they do and what they provide to young girls.”

– Layne Beachley AO, 7 times World Surfing Champion

“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance amongst other things. It’s quite a lost skill”.

– Tracey Spicer AM, Journalist

Australian Women and Teenagers’ have learnt with Galmatic
Road Ready Kit for Teenagers

The “must have” for every teenager driving on their own – it is a fabulous gift for the young person in your life!


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Galmatic Car Maintenance School Incursions

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