Galmatic Know Your Car On-Line Program For Girls

By May 15, 2019 Learning To Drive

The ‘Know Your Car’ Online Program for Girls


Picture your daughter jumping into the driver’s seat, keys in hand, P plates on and the open road ahead.

It’s both exciting and liberating for her, but does your daughter know anything about how her car works?

The ‘Know Your Car’ on-line program is designed to arm girls with some easy and basic car skills to help them on their journey to being safer drivers and empowered road users.

This 100% online course covers:

Car Basics – getting to know the basics of your car

The 10 min servo check – how to check the oil, coolant, battery and hoses

The All-round Tyre Check – what to check on your tyres

How to Change a Tyre – the easiest way to change a tyre in under 15 mins

Staying Safe – what to do in an accident

Cruise Ready – the essential must haves before you go driving

With 4 Video Tutorials

Covering all the basics she needs to be ready to drive on her own with an understanding of how to maintain her vehicle.

A 4-part Interactive Workbook

With checklists to compliment the video tutorials and personalise the program to her car make and model.

And the Galmatic Glovebox Guide’

A recap of the program ‘must know’, in the format of an instant download for her phone, like a one stop self-serve garage in her handbag.

The step by step Virtual Training is

Easy to follow and fun to put into practice

The easy and interactive way to help teenage girls feel safe behind the wheel!

Enrol into the course here: