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Car Maintenance Workshops run at your Council

Fun and Interactive, Hands-on Workshops for All ages. 

Module 3

Essential Life Skills

Galmatic has 15 years of experience in teaching car maintenance workshops to over 100,000 Australians a year.
We have identified that most women and teenagers have not been shown basic car maintenance skills.
Our Car Maintenance Workshops fill this gap.
We specialise in teaching Women and Youth. 
Tracey Spicer
“I bloody love Galmatic.
This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance amongst other things.
It’s quite a lost skill”.
Tracey Spicer, AM, Journalist
Galmatic - Change a Tyre

An Immersive Experience

Our workshops facilitate a valued and inclusive space to learn essential life skills.
A key principle in the delivery of our program is to relate our key learning points to real-life examples through engaging participants in hands-on experiences.
“At the ripe old age of 45 I decided I was sick of not knowing anything about my car, something I rely on every day. Thank God I found Galmatic! I recommend it to anyone. Never feel powerless again!”
Rebecca Huntley, Author
Greasy Hands

Key Skills Covered

  • Hands-on experience changing a tyre!
  • Why tyre pressure and tread is so important (and how to check both)
  • What, when and how to check the engine to keep it running smoothly and safely
  • Students check the oil, coolant, fluids, battery and hoses

layne-beachley testimonial

“Wow, these Galmatic Gals are amazing.

Love what they do and what they provide to young girls.”

Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion
Hands On Workshop

The Format

Workshops are taught with up to 16 participants.
We require a timeframe of 90 – 120 mins to adequately deliver our car maintenance workshops.
We can run multiple workshops simultaneously with multiple trainers or consecutively with one trainer.
“Left the workshop feeling more confident and with handy tips on how to not get ripped off at the mechanic!”
Beck, Workshop Participant
2022 Telstra Best of Business Awards Finalist
2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist

Let’s Book a Workshop

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Galmatic Telstra Best of Business Awards Finalist

Educators with a Difference

Our team consists of outstanding educators each with decades of experience in teaching.
We provide car maintenance and safety training and education that work to empower participants with the knowledge and skills that they lack.
Not only do our car maintenance workshops aim to fill the gaps in this knowledge, but we work to create students who are confident and road-ready!

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Galmatic acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation who are the Traditional Custodians of this land on which we work.