How to change the oil in your car – Galmatic Vintage Car Series

If you watch our how to videos because you are the kind of Gal that likes getting her hands greasy – or hey, just can’t afford to be visiting the mechanic too often, then sit back and enjoy the first of our extended how to videos!

It’s a part of our Vintage Series – perfect for you if you drive an old cool vintage car or a modern zippy one (or just a jalopy that sits in the middle)!

It’s time to change the oil! Yep, unscrew that nut on the sump, drain her of the old stuff and fill her up with some brand new oil!

Old car, new car – this will be one of the easiest car jobs you will ever do!

But before you go running down the drive way ready to change the oil on every car in your family – make sure you follow the tips below!

1. Put your feet up and watch my friend Chantal and I change the oil on her car Gillette – (I actually didn’t do anything other than hold the camera and the funnel, but still I was there)!

2. Find your car manual – if you don’t have one, look up the next two things on the internet

  • How much oil does your car need and what type does it prefer?
  • Where about is your oil filter and what type does it need?  You will notice that you can easily find Gillette’s filter, whereas the filter on my car is in a sneaky peaky spot

3. Make sure you have all of your equipment ready before you start

4. Watch the video again!

And most of all have some fun, take some video or photos and share them with us.

Get your hands greasy, enjoy getting to know your car and save some money too!

Not sure where to buy your stuff? Try either AutoBarn or SupaCheap Auto, think of them like a supermarket for car stuff.

Forget how to check the oil? Watch this video.

Not sure how not to sill the oil? Here you go!


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