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By August 8, 2014 Vintage Series

Are you a Gal that loves vintage and old school cars (or maybe a cutie from the 80’s or 90’s)?

For me the love old old cars started with my first car –  an FE Holden, followed by my 1958 FC. I spent so much time looking after these two cars (and didn’t know very much as a teenage girl) and that time under the bonnet taught me a few tips!

FC Holden

My FC was like a fat black Jelly Bean – original paint and grey motor, with a gorgeous red interior.

Now it’s your turn to get your hands greasy! 

We have easy and fun ways for you to get to know your classic car.  It’s all about having some fun and enjoying everything about owning and driving an old car.

Learn how to keep an older car looking her best, running like a dream and saving you $ at the mechanic!

First stop is our Vintage Gal E-Book.

This handbook is your essential glove box, go-to!

Download your copy here and then click on the video’s below and enjoy our Vintage Series ‘how to’ videos.

All Gal Vintage Car Maintenance Handbook

Read more about it and download it by clicking here.

Short on time, but determined to not get ripped off by a mechanic again? Learn how in just 10 minutes once a month, you can keep your car running like a dream!

How to care for a Vintage Car

The Vintage Gal Handbook – the glove box essential for every Gal who owns a classic car.

Learn how to:

1.Check the coolant
2.Check the oil level and how to fill it
3.How to care for your battery
4.Checking the lights
5.Noises your car makes
6. Windscreen wipers
7.Checking under the car
8.Which fuel to use
9. How to choose a mechanic
10. The perfect day spa for your car
11.Tyre care
12.How to change a tyre- step by step photo tutorial

All this – in a fun and easy handbook. No jargon, just easy to read, check lists and info every gal that drives an old car should know!

Vintage Video Series

Vintage Car Care Tips

Let’s learn the top ten tips to caring for your vintage car with my friend Sue form 50’s Vintage Dame.

Vintage Video SeriesChanging The Oil

Now it’s time to grab an oil rag and learn how to change the oil on your vintage car.Enjoy our step by step guide with my friend Chantal and her car Gillette.

I would love to see photos of your car! Tag us on Instagram or post your pic on Facebook.

Happy cruisin’ Vintage Gal!





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