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Working with Harley-Davidson Australia as their Harley-Davidson University Training Manager for four years has helped me gather some great learning to ride tips for the beginner rider and introduce them to the freedom of riding.

Galmatic was the brainchild of Eleni Mitakos, who saw a gap in the market for young teenagers and parents to be better equipped and educated when it comes to not only vehicle and safety maintenance, but in taking charge of their own safety.

Yes, it’s time to get your hands dirty! We hope you never actually need to change a tyre when out and about, but if you practise it now at least you will feel confident in the case of an emergency!

Today I’m going to answer the top three questions that we get asked in our workshops about checking how to check the oil in your car.

The Easy Way to Check Your Tyre Pressure. Checking your tyre pressure is a simple job, however, it is an easy one to forget. This quick video shows you how to check your tyre pressure easily at your local service station.