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At Galmatic we help Australian Women and Teenagers to feel comfortable behind the wheel through our hands-on car maintenance workshops and online courses.

We like to think of you as our passenger on this journey, where together, as a community, we can work towards a zero-road toll on Australian roads.

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Founded in 2007

Galmatic was founded by 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards finalist and educator Eleni Mitakos.

She established Galmatic after over a decade of training, having seen the need to provide women and learner drivers with basic car maintenance skills, to make going to the mechanic less confusing and intimidating.

She wanted Galmatic to be a learning hub of car ‘know how’ for women and teenagers.

14 years in, the team at Galmatic like to know their passengers and provide them with second to none service with a smile, just like a 1950’s service station.

“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance among other things. It’s quite a lost skill.”

Tracey Spicer, AM

Meet our Educators

We are an all gal team of four full time educators and 4 other fabulous trainers that help us out on big projects and busy times. We also have some fantastic male trainers that teach for us too!

Our team of outstanding educators each have decades of experience in both teaching and performing. We use our unique style to keep students engaged and entertained.

Galmatic Crew

(L to R). Chantal -Training Manager, EleniFounder and Educator, MarissaLead Educator Leanne -Senior Educator.

“Thank you! Do I think this made me a better driver? Absolutely!”

Zoe Foster Blake, Author and Founder Go-To Skincare

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