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Do you want to know a little bit more about your car?

You’ve come to the right place!

At Galmatic we help Australian Women and teenagers to feel confident and comfortable to pop the bonnet and get to know their car with some basic easy to learn skills.

We do this with our hands-on workshops and online courses.

We like to think of you as our passengers on this journey, so grab an oil rag and let us roll up the garage door!

Check out our 60-second Showreel below.


” WOW, these Galmatic Girls are amazing.

Love what they do and what they provide to young girls”

– Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion 


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Galmatic Car Maintenance Workshops School incursions


Educators with a Difference

We provide specialised training and education to teenagers, parents and school students through our incursions, workshops and online programs.

These work to empower individuals with knowledge and skills to ignite a sense of accomplishment and autonomy.

We aim to make EVERYBODY road ready, and to empower our students to take this sense of proficiency into every aspect of their lives.

Galmatic Car Maintenance Workshops School incursions

(L-R) Our All Gal Team. Chantal, Eleni, Marissa, Leanne


Entertaining & Experienced

Our all female team consists of outstanding educators with decades of experience in teaching.

We keep students engaged while they learn invaluable skills through both our practical and online workshops by using real-world examples and hands-on experience.


” We really enjoyed this workshop and we feel much more empowered. Every woman needs to do one!

– Arijana, Workshop Participant, Taren Point

Eleni 2020 Telstra Award

Eleni Mitakos. Founder and 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Awards Finalist


Established in 2007

Hi, I’m Eleni and I started Galmatic back in 2007.

My first car was a 1958 Holden and as a teenager, I wanted to know some basic car skills but had no idea where to go to learn.

After years of tinkering on that car and working as a corporate trainer, I wanted to use my training skills and provide women and learner drivers with basic car maintenance skills, to make going to the mechanic less confusing and intimidating.

And so Galmatic was born! Since that day in 2007, we have empowered over 1 million women and teenagers!

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Join our online garage and become a passenger!

You will receive our ‘Glovebox Guide’ download, a 20% discount code for our online program and hands-on workshops!

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