Ladies-Only Car Workshops, Online Programs and
High School Car Maintenance School Incursions

Grab an oil rag, we’ve rolled up the garage door to help you become auto savvy, get to know your car and save $ in repairs.

Established in 2007, we have taught over 100,000 Australians!

We hope to resume our popular workshops later in the year.

Available Now Online!
Know Your Car Program for Teenage Girls

Does your teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter know how to change a tyre?

Now that she is driving alone at night, are you confident that she would know what to do if the car broke down?

Know Your Car Online Program is designed to help keep teenage girls safe behind the wheel!



The Course covers all the basics you need to be ready to drive on your own, along with an understanding of how to maintain your vehicle. It’s a fun, easy and interactive way to help get you safe behind the wheel!

4 Video Tutorials
4-part Interactive Workbook
Reference Guide for your phone


High School Car Maintenance School Incursions

Our super popular fun workshops are interactive and hands-on. Run at the school to fit in with the school timetable, they offer practical skill building that will last for life.


With 13 years’ experience teaching over 100,000 teenage high school students we have developed a jam packed workshop that is perfect for their Life Skills program outcomes.

With our engaging and unique style, our trainers have the students immersed in practical skills from the get-go. 

We dive in and get them under the bonnet checking the oil, coolant, fluids and battery.

Then it’s on the ground changing a tyre in an intensive, interactive hands-on workshop.


“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance, among other things. It’s quite a lost skill”

Ladies-Only Car Maintenance Workshops

Ladies Only Hands-On Workshops have been so popular with women of all ages. Our fabulous female trainers will show you how to feel comfortable poking under the bonnet of your car. You will enjoy learning in a friendly environment with like-minded women.


“Your course is excellent and it was so helpful. Turned out my oil was almost empty and the coolant as well. Without the workshop I would have kept driving around with no idea I was about to blow my engine! Thank you!! Can’t wait to check my oil.”


Buy a Workshop Pass Gift Voucher

  • Purchase a Workshop Pass – valid for all locations, no expiry date!
  • Workshop Passes include a $25 Caltex Fuel Voucher!
  • $95 (GST included)

A Galmatic Workshop Voucher is the perfect gift!

Workshop Pass Includes:

• 2 hours of hands-on learning where you will get to know your own car and learn the ‘Galmatic 10-minute Servo Check’ that will keep you safe and confident on the road. You will pop the bonnet, check the oil, coolant, battery, hoses and fluids and yes, get to change a tyre too!

• Our Ladies Only Classes are taught by our fabulous old gal crew and vouchers are valid for all NSW locations.

• We pop a $25 Caltex fuel voucher in as well, to get you to the workshop. All wrapped up with free postage Australia wide by Express Post.

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