Car Maintenace for Women and Teenagers

Car Maintenance Workshops at your High School, Online or at our venues.

High School Car Maintenance Incursions



We deliver a jam-packed workshop that is perfect for your schools ‘Life Skills’ program outcomes.

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“I bloody love Galmatic. This company teaches young folks how to do basic car maintenance among other things. It’s quite a lost skill”

Tracey Spicer, AM

Hands-On Car Maintenance Workshops

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Our 2-hour Hands-On Car Maintenance Workshops are for all ages and leave you feeling confident and road ready.


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Road Ready Kits for Teenagers

The Galmatic Road Ready Glovebox Kit for teenagers. Includes:

+ Car Maintenance online program

+ $25 fuel voucher

+12 piece first aid kit for the glovebox.

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“Loved it! Clear, concise and very easy to understand!”
Nikki, Course participant

Teaching 100,000 Australians a Year

” WOW, these Galmatic Girls are amazing. Love what they do and what they provide to young girls.”

Layne Beachley, AO, 7 times World Surf Champion

Our Educators

Galmatic Crew


Our team of outstanding educators each have decades of experience in both training and performing. 

We use our unique style to keep students engaged and entertained.


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“Thank you! Do I think this made me a better driver? Absolutely!”

Zoe Foster Blake, Author and Founder Go-To Skincare

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