Ladies Only Car
Maintenance Workshops

Grab an oil rag, we’ve rolled up the garage door to help you become auto savvy, get to know your car and save $ in repairs.

Established in 2007, we have taught over 60,000 ladies!

checking the oil

Ladies Only Hands-On Car Maintenance Workshops

  • 4 handy locations in Sydney: ARTARMON, CASTLE HILL, HABERFIELD, TAREN POINT
  • 2 hour hands-on interactive fun
  • Easy and designed to make you feel comfortable from the outset
  • Taught by our All Gal Crew
  • We have taught over 60,000 ladies
  • Save $ in repairs and feel confident that you won’t break down ever again

Each Workshop Includes:

  • Popping the bonnet of your own car and checking the oil, coolant and fluids
  • Learning the Galmatic 10 Minute Servo Check – what to do once a month to keep your car healthy
  • How to change a tyre – and yes, you will change one!
  • Galmatic Glovebox Guide Download – your ‘go to’ for the’ how to’

Buy a Workshop Pass Gift Voucher

  • Purchase a Workshop Pass – valid for all locations, no expiry date!
  • Workshop Passes include a $25 Caltex Fuel Voucher!
  • $95 (GST included)

A Galmatic Workshop Voucher is the perfect Christmas gift for that gal in your life.

Workshop Pass Includes:

• 2 hours of hands-on learning where you will get to know your own car and learn the ‘Galmatic 10-minute Servo Check’ that will keep you safe and confident on the road. You will pop the bonnet, check the oil, coolant, battery, hoses and fluids and yes, get to change a tyre too!

• Our Ladies Only Classes are taught by our fabulous old gal crew and vouchers are valid for all NSW locations.

• We pop a $25 Caltex fuel voucher in as well, to get you to the workshop. All wrapped up with free postage Australia wide by Express Post.

Our All Gal Crew

Galmatic Team

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Together we choose the perfect workshop session format to suit you.

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